Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush


Ficus Lyrata Bush

Light: High Light

Water: Medium Needs, Evenly Moist

Special Features: Purifies the Air

Notes: Keep your fiddle leaf fig happiest by growing in a bright spot. The more light it gets, the faster it will grow and the better it will look. Unfortunately, this trendy houseplant is not a good choice for low-light spots. Water yours when the top couple of inches of the soil dries. Both over- and under-watering a fiddle leaf fig can cause it to develop yellow or brown leaves that drop from the plant prematurely. it’s usually better to err on the side of keeping your plant a little too dry than consistently too wet. Fiddle leaf fig prefers average to above-average humidity levels. If the air is too dry, you may find your plants’ big, bold leaves show crispy brown edges.


Disclaimer: As this is live product, each individual plant will vary. We will pick the best plant available to fill your order.