Decorate a Tree on a Budget

As Christmas draws near, it is time to start thinking about decorating the main focal point inside your home… your Christmas tree! There are so many different styles, themes, colour combinations, the decorations and possibilities are endless.

Here are a few quick guidelines, along with products we can offer that can help assist you decorate on a budget:


Add Mesh Or Ribbon For All Your Décor Needs

Also known as décor mesh, or sinamay. This item comes in various colours, sizes and widths. Not just utilized in your tree, but also table runner, gift wrapping, bows for inserts, wreaths, and garlands. Using mesh or ribbon is versatile and a staple for adding weight to your tree, filling holes where it may be sparse, and achieving a garland effect.

Designer Tip - Mesh is also a great option for a tree skirt to put around the base of your tree.


Utilize Boxed Balls For a Cohesive Design

An item, again, that can be offered in many different sizes, colours. Offered in shiny-matte- or glitter. Utilize throughout your tree to achieve a unified look from top to bottom. An assortment of sizing will give you a nice variation.


Choose Glitter Picks, Bunches or Garland For a Full Look

Either singular picks, or long garlands, items that could be cut up & separated into numerous pieces, that could go a long way & inserted into your Tree.

Designer Tip - This question gets asked A LOT.. almost daily, “I have keepsake ornaments that I have collected over the years that I cannot part with. What is the best way to still use them… and have them look good.. and on a budget?”

Collect all of your keepsake items. Lay them all out on the floor or on a table and look for a common colour. Let's say red, as it is most common in Christmas ornaments. Use the above mentioned items in that colour. So for example, red mesh, red balls, and a few red glitter picks. You will then have a complete cohesive looking tree, where your keepsake items will give you that “pop” and be the highlight of your tree. These items will be easy to switch out from year if you wish or choose to change it up!

Most importantly, Have fun!!