40 Years Later

Take a walk with us down memory lane

Four Generations in the Making

Cozyn's Garden Gallery has been a family-owned and operated greenhouse and retail business since 1983. With over 10,000 sq ft of greenhouse space, we grow nearly all our own greenhouse product, from annuals and house plants to hanging baskets and planters. We also have an extensive nursery complete with small fruits and fruit trees, evergreens, ornamental and shade trees, as well as shrubs, roses, vines, grasses and perennials. Visit our retail store with giftware for every season and occasion and the best selection of everlasting flowers around. Also shop our in-store boutique for ladies apparel and accessories. We're the Experts in Bloom!

Then & Now

Bill and Jose Cozyn loved gardening. A staple of local farmer's markets, the Cozyns grew flowers in their 10' by 15' backyard greenhouse to the delight of customers every week. In just a few years, demand outgrew supply. It was decision time for Bill and Jose. Enjoy the safety of comfortable jobs, or risk everything and follow their hearts. Cozyn's opened in the spring of 1983 on its current site with one greenhouse and a lot of hope.

Looking Ahead

Nicole and Aaron, the beloved grandchildren of Bill and Jose Cozyn, who laid the foundation of a successful business almost half a century ago, are determined to carry forward their family's legacy with pride. Born into a family of horticultural enthusiasts, their passion for the green industry began at an early age, nurtured by the love and dedication of their mother, Linda Cozyn.

Nicole, the co-owner in training, has taken on the responsibility of learning the intricacies of the business, guided by the knowledge passed down through generations. As a parent herself, she aspires to share this newfound expertise with her 5-year-old daughter, Emerson, who is already displaying an innate interest in the family trade. Emerson's eagerness to be part of the team has brought joy to the Cozyn family, fostering the hope that the tradition will continue into the next generation.

Aaron plays a pivotal role as the co-owner and greenhouse manager, overseeing the vital aspect of cultivation and planning. He possesses a profound understanding of plant care and growth, which he has honed over the years. Together, Nicole and Aaron form a dynamic team, complementing each other's strengths and working harmoniously to ensure the business thrives. Their shared vision for the future of the company is filled with ambitious plans for expansion, innovative practices, and fostering deeper connections within the community.

The Cozyn family's greenhouse business has not only flourished over the years but has become an integral part of the community, supplying fresh and vibrant plants that have adorned countless homes and gardens. Bill and Jose Cozyn would undoubtedly be proud of their grandchildren and their dedication to preserving the family's values and passion for horticulture.

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